Is it really 2015!

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I'm not sure how 2014 flew by so fast! What a year...what great clients and so many fun wedding sessions! 

Here is a peek of my favorite images and a recap from my 2014 weddings!

Travis & Michelle  : This image takes my breath away.. the veil blowing in the wind and in the background...the doors of the lovely Plummer are so romantic! These two were so easy-going, fun and had a very lively wedding party.. it made for a memorable and fun session. Best Wishes for you Both!














Brent & Leah : Who doesn't love an amazing location! - Golf courses are probably a favorite place for receptions and they always allow for some romantic pictures to be taken. Arranging for the use of a golf cart and showing off my mad driving skills is always enjoyable and it's fun to have a chance to visit with just the bride and groom alone, it's probably the only change so far that day to be alone ( less the photographer in their face always taking pictures, lol! ) but they were relaxed and gracious and had the chance to really be able to be in the moment.. it allowed for many romantic images. 
















Jon & Michelle : A67A7966A67A7966

A romantic and rustic-hunting themed wedding, it takes a special bride to allow her soon to be husband, to wear camo on their special day... I think that Jon knows he's a lucky man - the smile says it all! We were so blessed with amazing weather, tower shade trees and many smiles that day. Tip for future sessions - when shooting under a walnut tree in the late summer/early fall - Watch for falling Walnuts! 












Alex & Francoise : When asked to shoot a winery wedding - You don't need to ask me twice! A warm, sunny, spring day made this a true joy to be out amongnst the vines. A lovely couple - joining hands and joining their families! You could feel the love in the air and see it in their expressions all day long. These two are so appreciative of each other and are such an inspiration to their friends and family. 


Kurt & Kristi:  There is more about this lovely winter wedding in an early blog post (see below). Funny story:  I was contacted by Kristi and never new that she was marrying my cousin, I didn't ask his last name when we talked.. (I hadn't seen Kurt in about 10 years), so as I sat at their kitchen table discussing wedding details - it didn't dawn on me until a few minutes into our conversation that this handsome man, was actually my cousin! Once we figured out that we were related ( he might have know it was me, but was a perfect gentleman for not making me feel silly for not recognizing him..) it made for a good laugh! Regardless of how it started, it ending with a lovely day and me feeling truly blessed to capture their portraits. 














I feel so blessed that this past year has been one of my best for weddings.. I will always limit how many I shoot in a year - they are consuming and I want everything to be perfect for my clients. I love getting to know them and providing them with amazing memories they will cherish forever.   

A Winter Wedding

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My 2014 started out with a Lovely Winter Wedding... how fortunate did I feel to have this opportunity to shoot something so very special? Very fortunate, that is how I felt.. because it's not too often that I do winter sessions and to do one in February... in MN!.... Well needless to say we all were worried about a snow storm or cold weather...but it was amazing and so beautiful out that day, It was a great experience for everyone!  Kurt and Kristi are great clients to work with, so relaxed and easy to pose and very open to doing what I asked of them. We were able to capture some amazing pictures and we all were so pleased with how the collection turned out.

However, wedding aren't only about capturing portraits of the Bride & Groom, but about chronicling the entire days' events and the loved ones that are included in the celebration of these two people.  I love to capture the bride and groom with family and this wedding was no different and would prove to be so important...because not to long after the Kurt and Kristi became man and wife...Kurt's dad passed away. In honor of their relationship as father and son - I have included a picture of them together before the ceremony.. may those that go before us.. always be remembered and those memories be forever cherished.  

Better late than NEVER!

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Yes, my title is so appropriate. I really need to do a year in review for 2013 before 2014 Ends! Things have been so crazy busy this past year and half that there was little time for blogging :( Bummer for me and my procrastination! I really do love talking about each and everyone of my clients and how their session went and featuring a my favorite picture/ or two... from their session is so much fun too.  This post is pretty much a wrap-up of 2013 and I will make every attempt to catch-up with my 2014 clients in future posts before we begin 2015... Seriously, I will do it this year and be diligent :) 

The collage below is just a small collection of the many photos taken in 2013 and is not even representing all of my clients from last year.  It was a great year and again - I do have the best clients ever!

Year in Review

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I am a horrible blogger - I love the idea and even love reading others' blogs  - but life has been so crazy busy lately - between photography,  family, being a student again and just life in general (and this MN winter.. which is unbearably long...ugh) I have procrastinated...delayed...put it on the back-burner.  I really can't wait to get blogging again and simply do a year in review with a wrap-up of what went down in 2013.. Because! So many great things happened - So many great Clients happened! and I really want to have that written down - Remembered.  Thanks again for always being the best clients I could ever ask for, and if you had a session with me in 2013.. check back sometime, so you can see yourself on my post.  



Kutie Kyndal turned 2!

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Between sessions, meetings with clients and trying to fit in some family time... it's been a busy few weeks.  During that busy time - I had the luxury of taking Miss Kyndal's pictures.  She is just so darn cute and her mommy is preggers again, no doubt with another beautiful child.  Enough gusshing already about the cutness factors in play here - on with my favs of little miss...

 Her eye, her eyes, her eyes.... I can say no more!


The expression on her face in this one is priceless - she is just a little sweetie and so sassy - I'm lucky to have gotten the opportunity to photograph her again. 


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